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I Chipper away at a set of standards I refuse to agree with

One step at a time I see myself moving in place

But still I pedal up that monstrous hill

I grab for a sturdy rock with my left

I bring my right leg wide to stretch my body a balance

A comforting position I find for the next couple of breaths

When I am ready I glance up to see how much further I need to go

I see nothing, but I choose to keep climbing

 A product of society 

 I have no choice but to endure 

 Then I choose to acknowledge and accept  the differences we see 

 Because it is not what I see that shall help  me proceed 

 But the feeling of your soul is what I need  to breath 

 Free the aged soul and let your wings  spread free 

 The gift of yourself is all we need 

 Possible Interaction


vast assumption patiently awaits a boil

molecular movement to urge an external movement

a scent of curiosity gliding off the curls of your mane


Indecisive Decision


an error in the algorithm formulating repetition

a CAS 9 which lingers in my code

a blockade of ego-waffle landmines


Lost Opportunity 


concurrent myths who sound familiar

one seeks a quick distraction from regretful sadness

chatter in the distance sparks similar attraction 

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